Guild series electric guitars

guild series


Guild -series electric guitars are everything that is modern, contemporary and traditional. Uncompromised quality in sound, playability, construction, and finishing.

Name comes from a imaginary luthiers guild, to whose code and creed this series of guitars follows. Nothing new or experimental, just a solid instrument made to specific preference.

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Korpi series guitar speakers and amplifier casings

Korpi - kitaravahvistin

As John Cleese said: “And now for something completely different.”

Korpi series guitar speakers and amplifier casings hand made of Finnish pine wood, hand beaten iron and everything else that looks good.

For example: amplifier casing 50mm pine board, made to measure for Peavey 6505+ combo amp. Prices start from 450€ (incl. VAT 24%)

Speaker casings made either by covering an existing speaker case with pine board or by making a new from scratch of MDF or birch plywood. Prices start from:

*650€ built upon an existing case
*1200€ building a new from scratch (includes 4x Celestion Vintage 30 speaker for example)

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Ancient series electric guitars

Ukonkirves - Viikinki sähkökitara


First guitars imbuing the spirit of ancient mythologies and cultures are ready, made in co-operation with Puustikki Oy (be sure to check out some of the most over the top furniture out there!); these hand made and hand carved guitars are absolutely unique. Regardless the rougher outer shape of these guitars, no compromises have been made to playability nor sound. Every detail starting from choice of tonewoods to hardware and finishing are carefully thought out to produce the best possible result.

Guitar straps are hande made of leather and stainless steel in Finland.

Mores pictures can be seen here. Prices start from ca. 2500€ (includin VAT 24%), if you’re interested ask me for a quote!

Refinishing a Ibanez JEM7 BSB

Ibanez BSB JEM7


I bought a bit rarer Ibanez JEM7 BSB to be sold in my webstore. BSB is an abbreviation of Burnt Stained Blue and is only made in years 1996 – 98. Lacquer / clear coat was not used at all in finishing, only waxes / oil, and therefore original blue color has faded to green and in this case even to bare wood in some places. Guitar was in excellent shape otherwise so I decided to restore it fully to it’s original condition.

Read the whole story below. Guitar is on sale in my webstore.

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